100 CEOs Introduction

The 100 CEOs Initiative

With the support of the British Council, we, the Foundation for CSR and Children’s Rights (“CSR Children”) will be hosting a CEO Information Meeting on June 17, 2015

to brief all prospective CEOs about the 100 CEOs Initiative;

to discuss the scope of the initiative & the list of CSR focus activities

to discuss the business commitments sought.

The idea of the 100 CEOs initiative was birthed at the 2nd Annual CEO Forum on Children’s Rights held in London in October last year, where Lord Michael Hastings of KPMG was our host and Cecilia Akintomide of the African Development Bank delivered the Keynote Address.

At the Forum it was re-iterated that making a serious investment commitment to the education and development of children in Africa was key to significant economic growth.
Download the concept note here


The vision of the initiative is to recruit, by 2020, 100 CEOs/business leaders with significant business interests in Nigeria to make a serious commitment to support the educational & emotional development of children in Nigeria, both boys & girls.

Scope of CSR Activities & Commitments

1. There will be a strong focus on the girl child but boys must be included in CSR initiatives adopted on an annual basis selected from the 6 focus areas:

basic education

access to play & leisure

computer education

sports education

mentoring & youth empowerment

vocational training

2. Members will have the discretion to select which of the CSR focus activities they wish to adopt on an annual basis. Monitoring & Reporting mechanisms will be put in place.

3. All members of the 100CEOs project will be invited to sign & adopt a child rights policy for their organization.


The CEO Information Meeting is strictly by invitation. Invitations will be sent out in the first week of March to all prospective CEOs though the meeting will be limited to 40 CEOs only. You can request an invitation by registering here.


Date of Publication: February 26, 2015

For further information, please contact:

Toyin Olakanpo
President/CEO, CSR CHILDREN c/o Charles Anthony Law
198 Igbosere Road, Lagos Island
Lagos, Nigeria.
Email: toyin@csrchildren.com
Tel: +44 (0) 2032872961 (Global Direct)

The Foundation for CSR & Children’s Rights is registered in Nigeria as a not for profit organization and is also registered in England as a company limited by guarantee under the name “CSR Children”

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