The Board of Trustees are a group of individuals who govern the running of the Foundation. They are unpaid volunteers who take on important responsibilities. Their role is to collectively make decisions that guide and protect the Foundation so that it continues to achieve its aims. They are the guardians of CSR Children, its mission and its future.

The Board currently consists of 5 appointed trustees and we are currently reviewing the nominations of other individuals to join the Board.

The appointed trustees have been chosen by the board and are selected on for their understanding of industry, academia, the voluntary or international development sectors, or others with specialist experience.

The role of the Board of Trustees covers:

Strategy: Ensure the organisation has a clear, shared vision, mission and aims and that it has effective ways to achieve these.
Governance: Ensure that the organisation remains active and effective in achieving its aims, including oversight of financial status.
Legal compliance: Meet all the requirements of its Memorandum and Articles of Association (which define its legal license to exist) and the legal and financial requirements of a charity under Nigerian law.
Risk: Monitor and act to mitigate risks that could effect the Foundation, its activities and its members so that it can remain active and effective.

In addition to these overall roles, the CSR Children Board of Trustees may be involved with executive level discussions and decisions.

Please meet our current Trustees.